There was some very ridiculous plotlines and contradictions theirin at the old Hutt. Some things were just embarassingly impossible or couldn't work when referenced from the new era, so some retcons had to be made. This article is a big list of said continuity changes from the last era and the reasons why they were implemented and why the following is now H-Canon.

List Edit

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Because some ideas are just stupid.

  • Sith'Ari'Ai references are now just Sith'Ari - A nice concept, but hindered by it's redundancy and the fact it was not true. Sith'Ari'Ai served as apparently 'the Sith'Ari that accomplished what the former Sith'Ari could not', but considering Darth Bane completed the prophecy, it doesn't make sense to say Fervidus would pick up from where he failed. Instead of a new level of Sith'Ari, it will now be the same already fulfilled legend (but not recognized as such) that Xentu picked up to confuse and entice Fervidus further to the dark side.
  • Revan Ordo is not Darth Revan. He shall now be a descendant of Canderous Ordo who was named so in honour of Revan (similar to Anakin Solo) - Revan has been left in ambiguity by Lucasarts. To some degree it even harmed them to canonically announce him as a male Sith Lord, but for one to go about actually resurrecting the character bizzarely and not just deciding his aethestics, but to link his heritage to the mandalorians was going quite too far, and to be honest, it is a bit too much for the guy that spawned Star Wars Dominion, right? :P
  • No characters from the original trilogy returned - Self-explanatory.
  • Leak Drywalker is now Leak Skywalker. Leak was never a Dug or had a blood transfusion that somehow mutated him into a human - I don't even have to go into how ridiculous this is and why it needs to be changed. As for Skywalker, I'm doing so because the surname changing like that makes no sense. I'll give him all due respect because he was a very influential character at the Hutt, but in truth even his first name is ridiculously and clearly conceived by a young boy trying to be witty.
  • Meuron Drywalker is now Alan Skywalker - Out of respect for Leak's wishes, Meuron Drywalker's name is being changed to Alan. This was a decision straight from Leak himself.
  • Could Yukito and Sereo Cron really be thousands of years old? This is something I'm still debating. Overall it's up to you guys, as I'm giving the Infini the same courtesy.
  • God Moding - We never destroyed planets by snapping our fingers or was able to teleport long distances with the force. The reason for this is obvious, but keep in mind that our old characters did descend from an era where the Force was at it's pinnacle. We were VERY powerful, more so than any of the most powerful figures from the old republic. It was this reason that The War of the Force began in the first place, and why now in Resurfaced Force things are a lot more realistic as there has been a galactic reset of the force.
  • Darth Oblivion never existed and never killed Slevil - Slevil created a one note character called Darth Oblivion at some stage, who served as a parasite that spawned from Slevil's body (I know...) and then destroyed him later, where Slevil was resurrected as Slevil Darkslash. This isn't the case anymore and instead Slevil is fatally wounded in one of the battles of the War of the Force by Corcevous, where in the same way he is reborn as "Darkslash".
  • Karak are no longer a sentient species from generations ago - Granted, it was a decent idea from Jeremy to implement this. However, considering the original idea was that we were fighting embodiments of the force and they are far too similar to the Infini and the Sith, I find that I must really retcon this as it just withdraws from the Star Wars mythology. They didn't have enough background and it was just never clear what they were.
  • Vincent's antics didn't happen - Vincent always brought more comic relief than was necessary to SWH. It was funny, but going for a more serious approach, you can't have fighting Pacmen or McJabbas as a serious addition to the H-Canon.
  • Slevil didn't have over 9000 different names - In the original RP Slevil went from being called Slevil Slykono, to finding out his real name was David Darkhunt. Originally I wanted to stick with David Darkhunt, but people numerously kept calling him "Slevil" and I felt something had to be done. So I made a merger called Slevil Darkslash, and eventually because people began calling my character "Dave" by that point I decided to merge the two more popular names together: David and Slevil. So his official name now is David Slevil. "Slykono" has been altered to being the name of the Sith Tribe Slevil grew up in and "Darkhunt" and "Darkslash" have been altered to being ranks within Fou-Lu's "Dark Jedi".
  • Corcevous was the leader - I don't remember what he was called, but originally Corcevous answered to what was essentially a 'deity' of the dark side of the force who served as the leader of the Karak. Equally there was a massive manifestation of the light side who Os used to defeat him when fighting the Karak. Too corny, too ridiculous and I think you should have just stuck to the original plan, and that's what the H-Canon will be.
  • Zonama Sekot was where the final battle took place - The whole homeworld of the Karak with the changing climates and the planet being mobile and everthing was far too similar to this planet. If you want to stay as close as possible to what it was, and also considering that 'Karak are no longer a sentient species' it would be best to say the battle was here.
  • Exar Kun & the Jedi Council (Yoda, Mace etc.) did not communicate with our characters on a daily basis from the leisure of the netherworld - Self-explanatory.
  • Plot addition: "Dark Jedi" are not Dark Jedi - I renamed the "Dark Jedi" as the "Okami" to distinguish between them and the incredibly weak insignificant Dark Jedi minions that are more recognizable in the canon and shall be more prominent in the new era. There is actually a plot explanation for all this, wherein Fou-Lu took up the name 'Dark Jedi' as a moniker to trick his enemies into thinking his faction was weaker than they truly were. The true name of the faction that is only known by David Slevil and Fou-Lu is 'Okami'.
  • Fervidus was not killed by his time travelling son - Pretty self-explanatory why this isn't being implemented. It was a nice plot as always by Jeremy, but it doesn't work with what we're doing at the moment.
  • The Crysalis Bender - A random plotline by Leak about an entity of power outside of the force. Not happening.
  • Numerous things that are simply common sense.

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