Crass before his disappearance from the Jedi Order

Crass Karr was a force sensative Human born after the The Force Holocaust.

Birth Edit

Living in the Nar Shadar slums was and never will be an easy life. Gathering enough money to get transport off world was usually the only thing on citizens minds, and turning to crime was common. Life was no different for Leo and Tara Karr. Leo made what he could taking part in petty crime and his wife Tara did what most good looking girls did in that sector, prostitution.

One day, Tara fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Leo and Tara both knew that the chanses were that the Leo was not the Father and duo to this and the cost of rasing a child, they abandoned him. The boy was picked up by slavers who sold him on too an old merchant named Uri Karr. Uri named him Crass and raised him as his own.

Early life and Criminal CareerEdit

Unfortunately, Uri had a gambling problem at it wasn’t long before his problem turned into other peoples problem and Uri found himself with a rather large bounty attached to him. Due to being at the tender age of 5 Crass was oblivious to his guardian’s inevitable fate, which came in the form of several Bounty Hunters and lots of blaster fire. Crass was abandoned again and this time he was left to fend for himself.

As a small Child Crass found it easy to slip in and out of places unnoticed, feeding himself was never a problem. Daily life was the adrenaline fuelled food runs and constant search for things to keep him occupied. This usually consisted off tinkering with the junk found around the slums, stealing more food, playing (in the slums playing was literally fighting) and finding a suitable place to sleep for the night. It wasn’t a glorious life, but it was the only one he had, the only one he could ever remember having.

Years of street life taught Crass many lessons; Trust no one, Always keep moving, stay away from the Hutt’s and they will stay away from you., there no use for a dead Gundark and less for a living one.... amongst others. Yet, due to the lifestyle he lived Crass had no attachments, no people he could call real friends, nothing he could call his own. Except from what he carried on his back. Unknown to him at the time, this would be a major advantage later in life. As he grew into his teenage years Crass became much more aware of his criminal activity, what was once something he needed to do to survive had quickly become a talent, one that turned into a living. Small time smash and grabs became hold ups, muggings became robberies, and eventually Crass had swindled enough money to buy small fighter. That R-41 was his pride and joy and with it came brand new possibilities.

Crass’ had limited flight training, having only left planetary orbit once in a stolen freighter. However he was quick to pick up the simple controls of his R-41 and he blazed the hyperspace routes until he had no clue where he was. This didn’t take long as he had never even been to another planet.

The broadening of his horizons meant that Crass could move into smuggling, which was perfect for him due to his new found love for flying and lifetime of crime. Thus began a new era in his life, one of relative prosperity due to the recent fall of the republic and subsequent demand for smugglers. His new lot in life would eventually lead him to meet a man that would change his life forever.

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