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David Slevil, also known by the aliases "Darkhunt" & "Darkslash" was a revered "Dark Jedi" and disciple of Dark Lord Fou-Lu Infini who served a peripheral role in The War of the Force and the aftermath of it, discovering he was the younger sibling of Corcevous Slevil, the deceased mastermind behind the war. He spent time in his youth with a crazed Sith Tribe known as the “Slykono”, who restricted his growth in the force although taught him various techniques in wilderness survival, and before becoming a Dark Jedi he was taken in by the Jedi Order as a Padawan, catching up on the youngling training that he was ignored. After finding issues with the Jedi Order, he also spent some time a self-imposed exile where interest was expressed in him by the outcasted Revan Ordo before his passing and instruction under Fou-Lu Infini.

Despite overlooking this during his reign as a Dark Jedi, Slevil has a strong moral foundation and sense of righteousness which led to him abandoning the Jedi Order, and this characteristic was mutual with the Jedi General Sereo Cron, who enlightened him that they shared a strong belief in the Potentium theory of the force. Since resurfacing after his alleged death in the force holocaust, he currently resides in the headquarters of VisionCorp, where he serves as the CEO of the company in which he insists his objective is to “unlock the force sensitivity within every sentient being”. He finds himself open about his existence as a "Resurfaced" and planted the Holocron of a Sith Lord named Darth Gelidus on Nar Shaddaa, briefing the Dark Jedi exiles of the of the Sith Philosophy and subsequently making his actions the precursor to the emergence of the Modern Sith Order. Despite this, and building a fortress for the Sith to occupy on Korriban, Slevil has not joined their ranks nor revealed his motives, preferring to be an observer of the war that is to come.

Biography Edit

Darkslash Infini Armour

"Darkslash" donning his Infini Armor aside his Sithspawn.

Darkness 001

"Darkslash" and his Sithspawn fight the Karak in the Battle of Zonama Sekot

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