The Okami Order, more well known at the time as the "Dark Jedi" Order was a faction masterminded by Dark Lord Fou-Lu Infini at the dawn of The War of the Force. After Fou-Lu's ascension into his ancient form, he stripped the reigns of the "Dark Jedi" from Darth Grovias and claimed it as his moniker for the Okami Order, a firm way to cloud his true motives. Through manipulation of Darth Xentu and the rest of the Sith, Fou-Lu Infini showcased the "Dark Jedi" as a sister faction to Xentu's order and empowered his own with the 'leftovers' of dark side acolytes that Xentu wanted to keep at bay as to not overpopulate the Sith.

Despite it's convenient appearance, the Okami did not show much interest in the war or aiding their Sith allies, preferring to antagonize the Jedi Order. To this day, the true motivations of the Okami are still clouded in mystery, and with their deconstruction at the hands of the Force Holocaust, perhaps they will never be unveiled...

Prominent Okami and Roles They Played Edit

Fou-Lu Infini - Leader



David Slevil - Second in Command

Dio Vaan - Apprentice

Bob and Phil - Bodyguards to Fou-Lu.

Wong-Qu - Ancient Guarddog.


Fou-Lu, Slevil, Dio Vaan, Bob & Phil

Ranks of the Okami Edit


Fou-Lu Infini and David Slevil, the two Dark Lords of the Okami Order.

The Ranks of the Okami were as follows:

  1. Dark Jedi Acolyte
  2. Dark Jedi Marauder

After becoming a Marauder, the Okami would be given two titles (similar to Darth) which represented the rest of their growth in the order.

  1. Darkhunt
  2. Darkslash

Finally, the Dark Jedi would be known as the 'Okami' rank of the Order and retain their original name. Not to be mistaken with the true faction name itself.


What is Darkhunt (& Variants)? Edit

Darkhunt was a title that was administered by Fou-Lu Infini. In a similar vein to the title of Darth or Mandalore, the idea of the titles as a whole represented an Acolyte of the Dark Jedi casting aside their former life in favour of a new one in which their flaws and setbacks would be ignored. A critical difference to Darth which most commonly (with the exceptions of Revan and Malak) added a unique alias to the Sith Lord, the Darkhunt mantle involved the removing of ones birth given name to be solely named 'Darkhunt'. It contrasted to Mandalore in how it was associated with 'disposable prey' as opposed to 'surpremacy over the clan'.

When more than one person took up the mantle of Darkhunt, the current Darkhunt would be diffrentiated by being known as their first name conjoined with Darkhunt ('David Darkhunt' or 'Dio Darkhunt') when the situation called for it.

One was only ready to ascend from the Darkhunt title when they had been observed through a critical test of sorts that placed the Darkhunt's life on the line to point they could be recognized as the 'prey' for a 'predator'. When the Dark Jedi had been literally hunted and survived their encounter with such a malice, they would reach the rank of 'Darkslash', which suggested one coming from being a disposable minion to a violent knight of the Okami faction. In contrast to Darkhunt, the distinguishable alias of Darkslash would involve the conjunction of ones surname to the title (Slevil Darkslash).

Unlike the last trial, the ability to ascend to the final rank of the Okami was not an observation of the Darkslash's survivability, but of their wit and perception. To reach this stage the Darkslash need only discover the true motives behind the 'Dark Jedi' organization, which was a task only David Slevil was able to achieve. Once they had reached this stage, the disciple would resume using their birth given name and they would forever know the secrets of what the 'Okami', not the Dark Jedi, represented which to this day is still clouded in mystery.

Since the Force Holocaust, Fou-Lu Infini's Okami have become a dismantled organization, yet a mercenary named Jack is mysteriously using the title as his alias at present.

Notes Edit

  • The only three notable members of the Dark Jedi were Fou-Lu Infini, David Slevil, and Dio Vaan.
  • Dio Vaan reached the rank of Darkhunt before being struck down by his Master for defying the Order and questioning their alleigance to the Sith. Interestingly, he failed the trial of survivability required to ascend to Darkslash, but had the perception to realize that the Dark Jedi were not all they seemed which was a requirement to reach Okami. At the end of the day, however, his flawed characteristics of disloyalty and jealousy when it came to not being a Sith would suggest he would not have passed the trial anyway.
  • Whilst the Order thrived through the years with many recruits, the trials were usually too difficult for anyone to rise in rank.
  • Fou-Lu was deceptive to everyone but Slevil when he had achieved Okami rank. They were the only ones that recognized the "Dark Jedi" for being more than a subfaction.
  • The name "Okami Order" was created by Star Wars Hutt administrator 'Darkhunt' to distinguish the powerful "Dark Jedi" figures of the past era to the far more recognizable minion status that entailed the ones in the canon and their representation in The Resurfaced Force era.

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