Note from Slevil: I'd like to encourage everyone to visit Wookiepedia as an external source for this wikia. If you wished to for instance
look into the functions of a lightsaber or an event/character from the official canon, that would be the place to go.
This wikia is reserved for everything that transpires or is added within our extended H-Canon(Hutt/RP Canon). Anything on wookiepedia that is the
central canon is taken for granted, and we won't be writing articles about it, but then we will link the relevant wookiepedia pages to our own
wikia for reference ;)

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I feel...trapped? I don't know how to word it better...I have thought much and meditated over it...but I cannot escape the fear that claws at me. I cannot shake this feeling, that there might be some truth behind this Sith'Ari prophecy...” - Os Medken

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Welcome to Star Wars Hutt: Resurfaced, the new wikia for the Star Wars Hutt Roleplaying Experience and your archive to all you need to know about the SWH Universe! This encyclopedia can be edited by anyone, so what are you waiting for? Fill in details of your own!

We are currently working on 17 articles.

This is a Wiki on events that have happened in the Star Wars Hutt Role Playing Universe

The Galactic Archive

Here, you can look through the history of Star Wars Hutt chronologically. Not everything has been recorded so far, but we hope to look back and fill in all the eras that transpired before the Force Holocaust. For now, we'll be updating the ongoing events in the Galaxy that are encompassed in the era 'The Resurfaced Force'.

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David Slevil is reborn as "Darkslash" after his fatal encounter with Corcevous.

David Slevil, also being known by the aliases "Darkhunt" & "Darkslash" was a revered "Dark Jedi" and disciple of Dark Lord Fou-Lu Infini who served a peripheral role in The War of the Force and the aftermath of it...

Since resurfacing after his alleged death in the force holocaust, he currently resides in the headquarters of VisionCorp, where he serves as the CEO of the company in which he insists his objective is to “unlock the force sensitivity within every sentient being”. He finds himself open about his existence as a "Resurfaced" and planted the Holocron of a Sith Lord named Darth Gelidus on Nar Shaddaa, briefing the Dark Jedi exiles of the of the Sith Philosophy and subsequently making him responsible for the emergence of the Modern Sith Order...

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The Universe


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