Storyline Edit

The War of the Force was a conflict that was initiated in 980 ABY between an alliance of Jedi & Sith against an army of embodiments of the force conjured with Sith Alchemy. These "Karak" as they were named were created by a prophet of the Force known as Corcevous, who wanted to purge all force sensitives from existence so that he could bring about a utopia, restoring balance to the force. The intergalactic war lasted for 20 years, ending with a final stand against the Karak on Zonama Sekot where Jedi Master Os Medken struck down Commander Corcevous and declared himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Fervidus.

Original Plot (This may not be H-Canon) Edit

Note: This is to be rewritten to coincide with the higher standards and sense of realism on the new Hutt.

Since the very dawn of time and the discovery of the force, those who had the ability to wield the vast powers of the mysterious force have used it to protect, destroy, or for thier own purposes. Yet, they never realized that the force was not a limitless supply.

As time went on, the force grew more and more tainted and stale by the actions of the force-users throughout history. With the coming of the biengs Validus and Crustalet, two self-proclaimed prophets of the force, the thin line of protection the force had began to grow even wearier...

With the death of Darth Fervidus and the temporary betrayal of the Dark Lord, Xentu (who became Crutux after merging with Crustalet for a time), the force crippled further. Only with a last stand in the netherworld of the force were those who had fought Validus able to vanquish him. The disturbance sent throughout the force was massive.

After this, an incredibly powerful being named Corcevous rose and threatened to destroy the force-sensitives, many being those who had fought with Validus himself. Leak Drywalker, Jedi Master, persuaded Corcevous to reveal to him why all of this was happening. So, Corcevous took him to a place known as the Den of Prophecies, where he revealed the state of suffering that the force was in.

Meanwhile, Jedi Master Sereo, who had previously been known as the sith lord Onisus, took Darth Fervidus to Mirial, his home planet. It is here that he revived his former apprentice. Upon learning of his old master's betrayal, however, Fervidus became enraged and a fierce duel between the two ensued. In the end, Sereo was the better...But it felt like both of them had lost. This only plummeted the force into a deeper fit of suffering.

Corcevous, finally deciding that it was in the best interest of the force to destroy it and create it anew, took it upon himself to draw all the force to himself. After a very long period of time and exhaustion, the force manifested itself in Corcevous's realm and created a massive army to combat those who it knew sought to battle them. And thus, the war begins.

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